Why Are Answering Specialists Losing Their Jobs?

There was a time when business process outsourcing was an extremely popular phenomenon in the world of hardcore business, where there is one operating principle – to reduce cost and increase profit. In those days, BPOs used to buzz with callers who were hired to do the job of telemarketing the products or services. That was one of the coolest professions, with loads of incentives and perks for star performers. Millions of jobs were created and new generation was keen on taking it up as a full time profession. They used to stay at the job for quite some years, before changing to other professions due to the nature of the job. There was only one problem – the fatigue and the boredom associated with taking calls day after day.

But with the popularity and penetration of the internet, the ground below their feet started shifting rapidly. Email marketing was the ‘in’ thing, followed by a tremendous wave of social media marketing. Nowadays, the focus is on the entire realm of digital marketing, as most people have smartphones and tablets that empower them to stay connected 24×7 with the internet. They consume content on the internet and rarely read newspapers or watches TVs. Naturally, business houses shifted towards capitalizing this trend of consuming content on the internet, as this seems to be the most logical option.

Also, due to the more quite and sophisticated nature of marketing, telephone calls from salespersons is seen as an intrusion into the personal space. Also, employees across the world has complained that it is out rightly annoying and disturbing to attend to relentlessly ringing bells of telephones, and that emails are a much preferred way to receive information regarding marketing offers, as they can choose not to attend it instantly.

This is quite natural on part of the common people, who are at their feet to complete their assignments within deadlines and sudden calls, which is referred to as cold calls, made by telemarketing professionals is not something that adds to the concentration of people busy with their work at offices or homes. This shifted in attitude has definitely been noticed by business houses, who would never want to annoy their prospects. Also, sending hundreds of emails at just a few clicks is a much cost-effective way than, say, making cold calls. The telephone bills, along with the salary and other costs incurred by the companies for the callers, are seen as an unnecessary expense that can be cut off.

Therefore, telemarketing professionals and answering specialists are losing their jobs in large numbers, as there is no requirement. Answering specialists, especially, are losing their jobs in a more rapid manner, because of the advent and popularity of interactive voice response systems and online message/complaint dropping portals, which totally eliminates their requirement.